Yes, this is Incredibles fanfiction. No, I will not be taking any questions.


“Careful, man! It’s not like you’re running around with a target on your back.”

Bullseye looked down at his supersuit and grinned. There was, in fact, a target embroidered into the fabric, but it was barely visible as he scrambled for cover in the dark. It was designed that way; artistic enough to convey his identity, subtle enough to avoid attracting unwanted attention. Which came in handy when he and All-Star were in situations like the one they found themselves in.

All-Star zipped up and crouched down beside Bullseye where he hid behind some trash cans in the alley.

“You doing ok?”

Bullseye nodded

“Yeah, fine. They barely clipped me. But it was close.

All-Star looked at him closely, then nodded.

“We could go higher…” he said thoughtfully, looking up. Bullseye followed his gaze.

“I could do that. Wanna go distract them while I get up there?”

It was All-Star’s turn to grin as he turned back to his friend.

“You got it,” he said, and before Bullseye could reply, he had disappeared, leaving a small poof of dust in his wake. So cliché.

Bullseye waited another few seconds before pushing himself up and running to the back of the alley, where the ladder for a rusty fire escape hung just out of reach. He scanned the ground and after a moment’s calculation, vaulted himself off the wall and managed to grab the bottom of the ladder. With a grunt he pulled himself up and started climbing, taking the stairs two at a time.

He heard a muffled crash and several gunshots, and climbed faster. He heaved himself onto the roof and ran to the edge, looking down to catch up on the action. All-Star was running circles around the bad guys, some two-bit robbers that happened to have a gun and some kind of hoverboard. Ugh, having access to supervillain tech on the black market was the worst.

As he watched, All-Star suddenly disappeared from the street and a few moments later appeared beside him.

“You ready?”

Bullseye laughed and backed up, trotting backwards to give himself some space on the rooftop.

“Always. Send ‘em on up.”

“Don’t miss this time!”

Bullseye would have punched him if he wasn’t so quick. He never missed.

As All-Star rushed away again, Bullseye tapped a few times on the bracer on his left forearm. Seconds later, All-Star was clamoring over the roof’s edge and running toward him.

“Here they come!”

The criminals rose into view, balancing precariously on the hoverboard. As they came into view, Bullseye raised his arm and a blast of energy shot out of his bracer toward the men. The hoverboard shorted out, quickly spun around twice, and then drunkenly fell out of the air. As the men tumbled to the rooftop, All-Star dashed over and bound their hands and legs.

The super grinned as he surveyed their handiwork.


“Oh my god, you said it, didn’t you?”

Dash rolled his eyes as they shielded each other to change out of their supersuits. He dug his elbow into Austin’s side as he buttoned up his shirt.

“You know it can’t be your name and your catchphrase, right?”

Austin looked affronted.

“Why not? I’m being efficient!”

Dash rolled his eyes again and then smirked.

“Race you home?”

“Ha ha,” Austin replied, bending to pick up his bag. “I have a better idea. Ice cream?”

Twenty minutes later they were sitting inside the small ice cream parlor, licking at the quickly melting cones. Before Austin could finish his chocolate cookie crunch, Dash had already started on his second helping of strawberry shortcake cream. Austin eyed him dubiously.

“What?” Dash said through a mouthful. “I use up a lot of energy running around! All you have to do is point at people.”

Austin laughed.

“Fair enough,” he admitted. Dash expended much of that energy playing baseball and running track at school. Austin played basketball. They had to remind each other to reign in their powers while competing, and stretched their abilities doing super work.

After a few minutes of eating Dash broke their silence.

“I went and saw Violet.”

Austin looked up in surprise.


Dash shrugged.

“A couple of weeks ago.”

Austin considered his best friend.

“You didn’t tell your parents?”

Dash hesitated, gazing down at the remains of his ice cream cone, then shook his head.

Austin leaned forward.

“What did you tell them?”

Dash shrugged again, but spoke with more confidence.

“I told them I was spending the weekend with you.” 

Austin gave him a small kick under the table. 

“You could have gotten me in trouble!”

“I know, I’m sorry!” Dash said, but he smirked while saying it. Austin made an unconvinced grunt and sat back in his chair. 

“So what did you go see Violet about?”

Dash’s smirk disappeared and he lowered his head, his eyes shifting to look out the window at the passersby. A look Austin had never seen before appeared on Dash’s face. It almost looked…wistful? Before Austin could decipher the expression, it was gone. Dash turned back to his ice cream and shrugged for a third time.

“It’s not important,”  he said quietly.

Austin was unconvinced, but he didn’t press it. The celebratory atmosphere they had enjoyed moments before was gone. They ate the rest of their ice cream quietly.

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